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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: How to Become an Even Better Investor

Cramer's first rule: Diversification is the only way to invest.
6 Makeup Tricks for the Best Summer #Selfie

These beauty tips will have you looking gorgeous -- no filter required
How You Can Save Money By Spending Money

It sounds counterintuitive, but there are lots of times when splurging will save you more money than being frugal.
First Look: Proenza Schouler for M.A.C.

After years in the making, the highly-anticipated collection is ours for the buying and applying
Stocks Mixed as Markets Brace for Friday's Jobs Report

Thursday's trading is choppy as investors prepare to glean what the labor market situation might mean for the Federal Reserve's rate hike timeline.
Miley Cyrus: 'I'm Pansexual'

Miley Cyrus has a coming out of sorts in her new Elle UK cover interview: "I'm very open about itI'm pansexual. But I'm not in a relationship. I'm 22, I'm going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I'm with." What is pansexual,...
Trump Lets Audience Member Inspect His Hair

If "birthers" are those who doubt President Obama was born in the United States, then Donald Trump apparently has "hairers." The presidential candidate complained at a South Carolina rally today about a New York Times article referencing someone calling him "the man of the toupee," The Hill reports. His response:...
Back-to-College Shopping Is Expensive: Here's How to Make It Less So

The average cost of books every year is $1,200. And then there's everything else you need to go back to college.
What Is the Advantage Of a Credit Union?

Are you banking in the wrong place? 101 million Americans can't be wrong.
Are New Bank Chip Cards Safe? Financial Experts Arent So Sure

U.S. banks are rolling out what they deem to be more "secure" credit cards. Should consumers believe them?
You can't avoid mortgage closing costs

It might not come out of your pocket, but you'll still pay to close on your mortgage.
Get ready for the end of HELOC draw period

You'll soon have higher monthly payments on your HELOC. How should you prepare for that?
4 Mutual Funds that Hold Tesla Stock

Obtain information on the four mutual funds that have significant allocations to Tesla Motors, Inc. in their major portfolio holdings.
Millennials Guide: How To Read a Lease

Everything you need to know before you rent a home.
Fox Anchor Sues Hasbro for Naming Rodent After Her

If Harris Faulkner were a 9-year-old girl, she might have been tickled to have a Hasbro toy named after her. But the 49-year-old Fox Report Weekend anchor is suing the toy company for bestowing her moniker on its Harris Faulkner hamster, part of its "Pet Pawsabilities" line for the Littlest...
ETF Analysis: ALPS Medical Breakthroughs

Learn more about a unique and innovative exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the biotechnology industry: the ALPS Medical Breakthroughs Fund.
Fed Up With Burglars, Man Buys Gun, Uses It That Night

Earlier this week, Harvey Lembo decided enough was enough. After five burglaries in his Maine home in six yearsmost recently last month when $1,000 and medications were stolenthe retired lobsterman bought what he describes as a 7mm Russian-made revolver on Monday. Hours later, he used it, reports...
12 Germs That Cause Food Poisoning

From E. coli to Salmonella to norovirus, stomach bugs can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other forms of misery. Read on to learn where they're hiding—and how to avoid them.
How they paid off their mortgages in a few years

Can you repay a mortgage as fast as you pay off a car loan? These folks did.
Will credit score jump by paying card bill early?

The early bird gets the best credit score, though not for the reason you might think.
Happy No-Guilt Thanksgiving!

These calorie-reducing tips will help you enjoy your favorite foods and avoid holiday weight gain.
52-week savings challenge

Can you save big bucks by tweaking your budget? We test out a new way to save every week.
4 Lower-Body Moves to Tone Your Legs and Butt

Challenged by a less-than lower half? Steal these failproof star-sculpting secrets.
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Jailed Clerk's Son Also Won't Issue Marriage Licenses
After Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed today for refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples, five of her deputy clerks agreed to comply with a court order to start issuing licenses tomorrow, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. But there was one holdout: Davis' son Nathan, who told Judge... More >
Latest News
Secret Jail Recording May Doom Kidnapping Suspect
"Off the record" doesn't mean the same thing in jail. It's a lesson Matthew Muller may learn the hard way. The Harvard graduate and respected immigration lawyer—suspected in at least five kidnappings in California over the past six years—may be undone because a prison interview he gave to... More >
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