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'Mad Money' Lightning Round: The Netflix Train Left Without You

Cramer is avoiding Peabody Energy and Royal Dutch Shell while taking a longer-term view on Whole Foods Markets.
8 Fashionable Ski Jackets to Wear Now

From Gwen Stefani to Princess Kate, these looks have us craving après ski style
How to Fly in the Front of the Plane - on the Cheap, Maybe for Free

Five proven techniques for winning an upgrade
The Dewy-Makeup Tutorial You Need Now

Feeling less-than-radiant? Get that five-years-younger glow with strategically placed highlighter -- plus one amazing multitasker
From Absinthe to Whiskey, Required Reading for the Cocktail Enthusiast

Cocktail and spirits historian David Wondrich has published a revised version of his outstanding history of cocktails and America's drinking history.
Jay Z: Tidal's 'Doing Fine,' Give Us Time

The iTunes store wasn't built in a day and it took Spotify almost a decade to become successful, Jay Z pointed out in a series of tweets over the weekend claiming his Tidal music service was the victim of a "smear campaign" from big companies. "Tidal is doing just fine....
Justin Bieber's Latest Stunt: Prom-Crashing

A bunch of high school girls probably had their dreams come true Saturday night when Justin Bieber crashed their prom. The Bieb, 21, was on his way into a recording studio that just happened to be at the same location as the Chatsworth Charter High School prom in California, according...
Brace Yourself for Flood of Foreclosures When Boom-Era HELOCs Turn 10

Many underwater homeowners might simply walk away from their homes, letting lenders deal with the problem, but at least another housing bust looks unlikely.
Bank of America, Santander, Bank Direct And PNC Are Among The Banks That Offer The Juiciest Perks

The best of 2015's checking account promotions offer 10,000 airline miles and up to $300 cash.
What to Invest In After You Have Maxed Out Your 401(k) Contribution

401(k) + IRA: How to mix and match retirement plans
Use HELOC or refi for purchasing second home in Mexico?

Your current home could help you buy a house south of the border.
6 reasons (5 good, 1 bad) to spend home equity

There are many reasons to tap home equity, but some of them might not make sense for you.
How To Increase Your Appeal To Prospective Lenders

Making a business eligible for loans/credit cards at the best possible rates requires crafting an excellent credit profile through the smart use of credit.
When is a share purchase marked as 'settled' by a brokerage?

Understand the process of purchasing stock, including ordering, clearing and settlement, and learn when a stock trade is legally considered settled.
Stephen Hawking Weighs in on Zayn Leaving One Direction

Stephen Hawking's wealth of knowledge extends well beyond silly matters like space and black holes. He recently took on more consequential matters at a Q&A in Australiaduring which he was actually in England, being beamed into the event as a hologram, Buzzfeed reports. One question: "What do you think...
Are there critics of the human development index (HDI)?

Find out how the Human Development Index (HDI) is used in measuring development. Explore possible criticism of this measurement of human prosperity.
Md. Governor Declares State of Emergency in Baltimore

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard to mitigate ongoing violence in Baltimore, per a statement on the governor's website; a press conference will be held at 8:30pm EDT. Meanwhile, the MLB's Baltimore Orioles tweeted this evening, "After...
How often is best for compounding interest?

Learn why it makes a difference to have interest on your savings credited more frequently.
Video: 6 ways to use a prepaid debit card

Want to limit spending for kids? Can't get a checking account? A prepaid debit card might be what you need.
5 Ways to Get Slim on Autopilot

Too many choices can sabotage a weight-loss goal. When it comes to your menu, learn how to set it, forget it—and watch the pounds melt away.
National mortgage rates for April 23, 2015

See rates from our survey of CDs, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans and credit cards.
Weight Loss Success: How a Trip to Sri Lanka Helped Me Drop 49 Pounds

Traveling to tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka inspired April Risteffo to appreciate what she eats—and drop 49 pounds.
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'Mom of the Year' Smacks Kid Protester in Baltimore
A Baltimore woman who reportedly saw a young man she knew (some speculate it's her son) on TV throwing rocks at police during city protests took matters into her own hands—literally, per WMAR . A video shows her yesterday dragging a teen sporting a face-covering sweatshirt away from the crowds,... More >
Latest News
Nurse Undergoes Breast Surgery After Medical Mix-up
A mom in the UK has been left physically and emotionally scarred after the hospital where she worked as a breast care oncology nurse mixed up her own test results with another patient's and told her to undergo surgery to remove aggressive breast cancer. Four days after the 2013 surgery,... More >
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