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Blame the E.U.; Don't Ignore the Good News; ... But Stay Skeptical: Jim Cramer's Best Blogs

Catch up on Jim Cramer's ideas from this past week as he discusses how the E.U. abetted the Greek crisis, good news we're ignoring, and whether it's time to bargain-hunt.
10 Reasons You Need a Pair of Wooden Sunnies

Take it from the likes of Beyoncé and J Law -- wooden shades are the statement eyewear of Summer 2015
Retirement Goals Taken Seriously by Millennials, But Will They Save Enough?

While the percentage of employees investing in their 401(k) jumped 13% between 2011 and 2015, only slightly more than half of Millennials now participate in their plans.
The Best Neck Creams for Turning Back the Clock

The smoothing, firming, gravity-defying products that will take years off your appearance
Everything You Need to Know About Greece Right Now

Greece's fate now hinges on a referendum, but the implications of a 'no' vote may be more complicated than you might think.
Colbert to Scalia: You Already Had Your Head in a Sack

Justice Antonin Scalia fiercely dissented in yesterday's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage so fiercely that he inspired a Scalia burn-generator , and vowed he would hide his "head in a bag." Responded Stephen Colbert, "I couldve sworn he was already hiding his head in a flesh-toned cinch sack," then, without...
George Takei Defends His 'Blackface' Slam on Justice Thomas

George Takei is usually the one doling out criticism for those who step out of line on matters of race or equality. This time, he's the one catching flak from critics. It's over an interview the actor gave to Fox 10 Phoenix in which he called Justice Clarence Thomas a...
Generation Angst: Younger Americans Starting to 'Freak Out' About Retirement

Younger Americans are clearly spooked about a stable retirement - and are taking action to get one.
Budget Travel Guide to Greece in the Face of the Grexit

Looking for a chance to check out Greece this summer? Here are a few tips to make it particularly affordable.
Best July 4th Sales 2015: Shop Red, White & Blue

The fantastic deals at these major retailers are sure to inspire hefty savings to go with your dose of patriotism.
What to do with savings bonds from childhood

You've matured, but maybe not those savings bonds you received as a kid.
Paying off Chapter 13 plan early

It seems smart to pay off your Chapter 13 bankruptcy early, but there's a good reason to wait.
3 Reasons Peregrine's Stock Could Fall

Small-cap biopharmaceutical company Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PPHM) could be sitting in the sweet spot when it comes to tackling cancer. In pharmaceutical research today, not much is more exciting than cancer immunotherapies, or drugs and vaccines that enhance the body's immune system to more effectively target cancer cells.
Is Texas The Future Of America?

The top three fastest-growing cities are located in Texas and 20% of jobs created between 2009 and 2014 were in the Lone Star State.
Kate Hudson's Dad Says Kids Are 'Dead to Me Now'

The messiness continues between Goldie Hawn's oldest children and their father, Bill Hudson. As previously reported , Oliver Hudson lashed out at his dad via Instagram on Father's Dayposting a throwback photo of himself, sister Kate, and their father with the caption "Happy abandonment day." Bill Hudson broke his silence...
Rite Aid's 5 Key Strategies for Long-Term Success

Drugstore-chain Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) has turned itself around impressively, having spent a huge amount of time and effort in returning to profitability. The company has used a combination of strategies in its comeback efforts, and Rite Aid's overall strategic plan has its executives excited about its future.
Sanders' Popularity Forces Unusual Move by AFL-CIO

If you haven't been paying attention to the many, many candidates running for president, it may come as a surprise to learn that the one drawing the biggest crowds is none other than Bernie Sanders. He spoke to 10,000 enthusiastic supporters in Madison, Wisconsin, this week, which is "incredible"...
15 Foods That Help You Poop

Feeling constipated? These foods will help get things moving.
Get ahead financially by saving for different goals

You can set aside money for a car, college and retirement just by planning purposefully.
Should I invest my emergency stash of cash?

Now that the bulls are back on Wall Street, should I invest my emergency cash?
4 Energizing Breakfast Recipes From the Ranch at Live Oak

Power up your day! Start with an energizing breakfast straight from the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif.
Conserve gas (and money) by carpooling

Ready to save some money (and potentially retain your sanity)? Try carpooling.
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Judge's Surprise Question Makes Burglary Suspect Cry
It was a routine hearing in a Miami-Dade courtroom until Judge Mindy Glazer told burglary suspect Arthur Booth she had a question for him. "Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?" she asked, as quoted by WSVN . "Oh, my goodness," responded Booth, who grew ever more emotional as his... More >
Latest News
Teen Dies After Avoiding Toilet for 2 Months
A British teenager's toilet phobia appears to have cost her her life. The 16-year-old girl suffered a heart attack after going without a bowel movement for eight weeks, reports the Independent . Authorities say her chronic constipation resulted in distended organs and a compressed chest cavity, factors that contributed to her... More >
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